Yogic Camel Pose For Weight Loss

You must’ve heard yoga is a traditional form of meditation. It has many benefits, but ultimately, it is only successful when the maximum concentration is leveled with your physical positions. In this article, we seek to educate you on the basic principles of yoga and how asana from hatha yoga helps in weight reduction. Yoga has its roots in ancient practices and now combined with modern techniques; we’re able to obtain maximum benefits.

In yoga asanas for weight loss, we focus on a position that resembles that of a camel. This is called the camel pose, and in Sanskrit, the word simply translates to ‘ustasana.’ Ust meaning camel and asana meaning pose (although, it’s literal translation is ‘seat’). People whose work requires them to remain in bending positions for prolonged periods are likely to develop certain types of chronic back and shoulder pain. This is an ideal yogic practice to alleviate that. But this isn’t all to this yogic technique. Camel pose has primary weight shedding benefits that we will explore once we lay out the principles of how to accurately perform a camel pose:

Kneel on the floor and slowly tilt your head backward with your arms touching the heels of your feet from behind (keep the back part of your feet erected on your toes). Spread your knees according to the width of your hips and keep your thighs perpendicular to the floor. Press down on your shins and softly press onto the top of your feet.
Bring your hands down to the back of your pelvis and rest them against it. Align the bases of your palms along the upper part of the buttocks and point them gently, lengthen your hands down to the tailbone. Inhale as you lift your chest and exhale as you release it.
Exhale solely as you arch your torso backward. Lift your chest as you push your torso farther back to ensure your back doesn’t compress.
As your spine gently tilts backward, keep your feet firm and push your hips forward.

Yoga, in general, is an effective weight loss program but adopting the camel pose from it as your frequent yogic pose focuses on weight loss from specific parts of your body. It targets the tummy, back, and thighs, which are commonly cited as the three most important sources of fat storage by weight conscious and distressed women. It also improves the flexibility of the upper torso and strengthens muscles throughout the body. To go deep into this pose, you need to touch your thighs, calves, and feet while maintaining the balance of your backward and forward motion.

The camel pose includes the following benefits:

– It strengthens the muscles throughout the body and applies force on the tummy, back, and thighs.
– The posture stretches the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
– The posture helps cure constipation.
– It improves respiration by allowing the chest to open.
– It relaxes the vertebrae causing it to loosen up.
– It improves digestion and elimination.
– It relieves lower back pain and shoulder pain.
– It stimulates the nervous system.
– It reduces tension in the ovaries and stimulates endocrine glands.
– It tones the organs in the neck, pelvis and abdomen area.
– It benefits the overall health.

Yoga asanas for weight loss have multiple benefits, but there are also other yogic practices that should be utilized whenever possible. When you start off, it can be a little difficult for your body to adjust to sudden flexibility attempts. This can cause a strain or severe body ache. Therefore, always start with a warm-up and gradually work your way up to adopting specific yogic poses. Also make sure, as a beginner you do not continue this pose for longer than 20 seconds. It is also best to perform the camel pose under a professional instructor’s supervision. If you are suffering from neck or back injury, you must avoid this asana. High/low blood pressure patients or those who suffer from a migraine are also advised not to practice this pose.

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