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Meal plan for extreme weight loss

You need to have a concrete diet routine in place if you are to lose a great amount of weight fast. To help guide you along the hectic journey that weight loss can be, here is a meal plan for extreme weight loss to put you on your way to fitness in no time at all:

Breakfast and Snack Options for your meal plan.

Embrace green tea

Whether it’s morning breakfast, an evening sit down or a late night drink, green tea should feature somewhere in your meal plan. Naturally, how much you should drink depends on a lot of dynamics like body type and what not; however, two or three cups a day is the recommended intake for maximum results.

Matcha tea is the best of the bunch and as a testament to its weight loss prowess; research shows that it is ten times more effective than ordinary green tea. It is rich in powerful antioxidants and there by triggers fat oxidation at hyper speed in weight loss terms.

Although green matcha tea is far better than the rest, here are a few others that also get the job done albeit a little slower:

· White tea

· Lemon tea

· Black tea

· Mint tea

N/B: Green tea only works if you brew it right. Just place the leaves in moderately warm water and do not bring it to a boil. Otherwise, you’ll lose those precious antioxidants and the tea will be nothing more than just hot water and green leaves. Green tea is a crucial component of any meal plan for extreme weight loss.

Snack on Almonds

Keep away your doughnuts and chips and instead stock up on almond nuts. To show you just how effective these nuts are, have you ever seen a squirrel that’s out of shape? But seriously, recent studies have found that people who ate these nuts regularly lost up to as much as three-fifths of their body mass index in a little under three months.

The fiber in almonds is what helps you lose weight and they make a great addition to breakfast oatmeal. However, these nuts tend to pack a powerful calorie punch; therefore, it is paramount you know how to incorporate them into your diet. Couple them with low-calorie staples.

A quarter of a cup of these every fortnight or so should do the trick and be sure to go for the lowest calorie picks available.

Wholesale eggs are a must have

The most important fact about these eggs is that they are extremely low in calorie content at about 80 and are a great way to include nutritious proteins into your diet.

Another bonus is that they maintain a sense of fullness for long periods of time thereby healthily decreasing your food intake without compromising on essential nutrients required by the body.

Boiling is the way to go with eggs as frying can also add a significant amount of unwanted calories into the meal.

What about dinner and lunch?

Pluses are the foundation of a good meal plan

Beans do not get the praise they deserve for their weight loss abilities; however, they are considered a super food by most weight loss experts. They rank quite high up on the satiety scale and work wonders with unwanted belly fat in particular.

Pulses have an abundance of glutamine and arginine, both key elements that increase after meal calorie burn up by up to one and a half times more than usual. They also play a crucial role in keeping CRP at bay, a protein compound that is responsible for triggering weight gain. Other benefits include:

· Improved blood circulation

· Curbs early aging

· Good for keep heart diseases away

Other legumes which get the job done just as well include:

· Peas

· Fava beans

· Chick peas

Yogurt is an excellent accompanying drink

Not just any type at that but fortified yogurt. It has a potent combination of calcium and vitamin D that triggers up to twice as much fat loss than people who fail to include it entirely in their plan.

The high calcium content, scientists believe, cause the brain to reduce its production of the hormone responsible for appetite thereby effectively reducing your daily food intake.

Salmon also works

This sea fish is not only packed with healthy bouts of quality protein but also a nice portion of iodine that keeps the body metabolism working efficiently. Think of it as having the same purpose that oil has in a car engine.

It is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are a key obesity fighting agent. Other great fish alternatives include:

· Trout

· Sardines

· mackerel

Vegetables should also be at the top of any plan

No meal plan for extreme loss is worth looking at if it doesn’t touch on vegetables somewhere along the way. In that light, here are some of those vegetables built for extreme weight loss.

Leafy vegetables have an array of notorious vitamins and calcium that is known for its superiority in acid and fat burning. A few to consider in this category go for:

· Collards

· Spinach

· Kales

For their cruciferous counterparts you ought to go for the following:

· Cabbage

· Broccoli

· Brussels sprouts

These types of greens have a perfect blend of low energy density and fiber geared toward fast weight loss. Moreover, they have been known to aid the body fight against cancerous cells

Boiled Potatoes

They are very little amounts of calories; however, the greatest weapon in its arsenal is their amazing fulfilling properties. Boiled potatoes get all the marks on the Satiety scale making them great meal selections for midday meals.

Moreover, their high potassium content gives them the added benefit of keeping blood pressure in check. After boiling, allow the potatoes to sit for a while before consumption. This way the starch builds up strength and becomes almost fiber-like and therefore has the nutritious benefits of other fiber-rich foods

Let’s talk Calories

Calories are usually the main target group of any meal plan, and finding just the right the balance is between too much and too little is half the battle won. A general misconception across dieters is that the lesser your calorie intake the better.

While the aforementioned is true up to a particular point; very low intake does your weight loss more harm than good. In fact too much calorie deprivation, usually below 800 per day, will trigger slower weight loss than if you were taking three perfectly weighted meals a day.

What is calorie intake just right then?

It’s pretty straight forward, to lose weight fast, you just need to burn more calories than you consume. More specifically, you need to burn about 500 calories less than what you use up on a daily basis. At this rate, you can lose up to two pounds or at the very least one pound, a week guaranteed.

But how do you know how much calories you use up per day? It’s simple; all it takes is just a little detective work and record keeping. Take note of what you eat whenever you do so or better yet you could turn to one of the numerous online calorie counters for a rough estimate.

Final Verdict

Even the best meal plan for extreme weight loss in the world is of no use if you don’t adhere to it. Therefore, be sure to follow it to the letter. Temptations are no doubt bound to arise on the straight and narrow path to health fitness, however, at the end of the road, I assure you; it will be worth all the time and effort.

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