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Those beautiful closet systems are getting more and more affordable, sending many people rushing to their local hardware stores for inspiration.  Investing in a sturdy, functional closet system is a great idea.  Closet upgrades tend to last and serve people well for many, many years.  Here are a few items to consider when you are looking to upgrade your closet.  Investing money in the right places can save you from needing to replace products later, or worse, spend money on items that don’t get much use.  Being smart about what to spend where will make your closet upgrade an economical and efficient experience.

1)  Flimsy shelving, thin rods, and fragile pegs are not going to last you very long.  Avoid ordering online if possible so that you can go see what you’re purchasing before you commit.  Touch, feel, tap, wiggle, and test the strength of the system before you decide on a brand or style.  Solid wood is great and should last you a lifetime if it’s constructed properly.  You can expect laminates and press board types to break down faster.

2)  Consider cheaper options that may last you longer.  Wire shelving has actually come a long way.  It doesn’t have the sharp edges and flimsy plastic tabs that it used to.  Wire shelving is now commonly hung on a sturdy rail and is completely adjustable.  Some even have recessed portions for wood shelves to sit on top.  These can look as nice as solid wood shelves, but have the added convenience of being completely customizable and much less expensive than a solid wood unit.

3)  Avoid plastics whenever possible.  Plastic hat racks, hooks, and shoe racks always end up snapping, sagging, or deforming under the weight of the items that you store on them.  This is not the long-term investment that you want to make.  Your closet will look much nicer if you use sturdy, even decorative, hooks and racks that are securely fastened to studs in your closet.

4)  Plastic hangers are not all created equal.  Some are meant for temporary use or are simply not constructed to last.  If you choose plastic, go for sturdy, molded types that meet your needs, but also are designed not to snag your clothes or snap under the weight of coats and suits.  Wooden hangers are the ultimate in closet upgrades.  Choosing heavy duty wood clothes hangers is a great option because they don’t only look nice, but they are designed to properly support tailored clothes.  Cedar hangers deodorize your closet making it smell as great as it looks.  Investing in heirloom quality hangers will ensure that your closet looks great for as many years as you can use it.

About the Author: Ellen Hamm is on the staff of Everything Hangers, a leading online resource for the highest quality clothes hangers, including sturdy metal hangers and cedar hangers. Learn more about our high end hangers at

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