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How to Get Cheap Health Insurance – Do Your Research

We all want to know how to get cheap health insurance. Why?

We all need at least a basic, high deductible policy that will protect our assets if we are hospitalized.  

Think rotator cuff surgery isn’t a big deal…after all it is usually an outpatient procedure. I mean how much could it cost. Would you belief an acquaintance had it done recently and his bill was $ 70,000…he was in and out of the hospital in 4 hours. I could live on that hourly rate.

If they admit you for an overnight stay the meter starts ticking to the tune of $ 3,000 to upwards of $ 10,000 per day.  

But getting cheap health insurance is a major pain due to filling out forms taking up to an hour. The number of choices can be overwhelming, what do you do?  

More frustrating is then getting a policy, a week later , for a premium that is more than expected. There has to be an easier way…and there is.  

The best way to insure you are going to pay too much is to go to any agent that has an office. The rent and the staff in an agency has to pay for comes from commissions earned. Guess who ends up paying in the end?

Do we need health insurance? If you have any assets at all you should protect them with a bare bones , high deductible policy from a solid company.   The key is getting a policy but paying as little as possible.

Cheap health insurance is doable if you do your research.

This is what I do, all online, takes  a minute. Fill out a simple quote request  form . All you will be asked is zip code, date of birth, gender, do you smoke and if you are a student. That’s it, no phone number required, no one will call.  

I just reapplied, I have been a customer for 8 years, and in a few seconds got 112 policies, 52 of which my current doctor accepted, with prices. One cheaper by $ 57 a month for equal coverage to my current policy…It pays to check back for the latest quotes.

Now  that’s letting your fingers do the walking.

Here’s what to do.

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