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Branson for Natural Beauty and Branson Shows for Beautiful Performances

If you’re in the Ozarks for Branson shows, be sure to use the time between performances to take a scenic tour of the area. If you don’t, you will really be missing out on something special.

The Ozarks are incredibly beautiful, especially in the spring and fall. That’s part of the reason why Branson became such a tourist draw in the first place. Although they are called mountains, the Ozarks are really different sections of a single large plateau region that was split apart over millennia by rivers and streams. Thus, people generally experience the Ozarks as deep gullies rather than as tall mountains. It’s worth taking a drive to see them in person.

There are several ways to take a scenic drive from Branson. Your trip can be relatively short and unguided: just hop in a car and go. Or you can take a tour with one of the many sightseeing busses available in town. These are excellent because you get to meet fellow travelers. You don’t have to pay attention to traffic and can just admire the scenery and listen to an informative guide tell you all about the region and its people.

You can also find a map of some popular area drives. One of the most popular of these is the drive from Branson to Springfield. This is a 55-mile route through the White River Hills with plenty of scenic views, hiking trails, and attractions like Fantastic Caverns.

The Ozarks have three officially designated scenic drives that are all short enough to do as a day trip between Branson shows. The Blue Buck Knob Scenic Byway is a 24-mile route through the Mark Twain National Forest, about a two-hour drive away. The Glade Top Trail is a 23-mile road through the southern part of the same forest. As the name suggests, it follows ridge tops to provide really striking views. The Glade Top Trailhead is about an hour from Branson.

The shortest of the scenic drives near Branson may be the most fun and diverse. The Sugar Camp Scenic Byway is a U-shaped, 28-mile route that passes Onyx Cave, which is open to visitors via a moderately challenging hiking trail. The Byway also takes you along Table Rock Lake and Roaring River State Park.

No matter which scenic tour you take or what time of the year you take it, you will be impressed by the great roads and the friendly people you meet. It is a local custom to wave at passersby ‚?? and will likely become a custom you adopt when you return home. The beautiful local scenery brings out the best in people.

The scenic tours are fun, and so are the shows you bought your Branson tickets for. So just make sure you keep an eye on the clock because you don’t want Yakov Smirnoff’s Dinner Adventure to start without you. In Branson can you have amazing adventures both outdoors and in a comfortable theater.

When it comes to combining natural beauty and incredible people, Branson shows how to do it right. A visit to Branson will be a visit you never forget.

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