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It has been seen that many seniors lead healthy and active life throughout their lives. It is obvious that as we grow in age our bodies change drastically as well our mental aspect in a huge way. We may be older in age but still can stay healthy by keeping a few things in mind. Seniors should always go for a balanced diet, eating in small amounts at short intervals. This will keep their bodies active. Regular checkups in this stage of life are very necessary even if you’ve ignored your health in earlier days of life. Safe habits and caring for your own health is good to prevent any health problem as body tends to become too fragile as we grow in age.

A few points for seniors to have a healthy lifestyle:

– Quit smoking and drinking. Just do not see how much harm you’ve already made. Try it. You’ll surely do it with firm will power and perseverance.
– Always eat healthy diet including fruits, whole grains and vegetables to avoid heath problems as weakness, nausea etc.
– Make a routine to exercise to keep all of your joints and muscles to move and be active.
– Do not tend to lose or gain weight by engaging in various harmful things. Maintain a healthy weight.
– Take proper sleep to revive body energy and feel rested. Do not fatigue yourself and take rest at reasonable intervals.
– Go for regular screenings and checkups by your doctor to detect the problem if any.¬

Seniors are prone to weight gain with time as their metabolism generally slows down leading to burning fewer calories than before. The calorie intake which was previously used to need daily energy needs now get stored up as fats in body. The activity level also decreases resulting in weight gain in seniors. But gradual gain is no health problem but if there is sudden weight gain or loss it is a matter of concern and need to visit the doctor.

Your sleep pattern may also go through tremendous change with age. You’ll notice that you sleep less soundly but even then you should spend some time lying in bed for resting body. Your care would solely depend upon the condition of your teeth and gums. Generally it is seen that teeth fall or get brittle as gums loosen in seniors which is a very common health issue in them. ¬†Hearing high frequencies is also a major health issue in seniors. Eyes too start tearing often and you may develop visual impairments in old age. Your digestive system get weaker as well as your bones, muscles, tendons all lose strength and flexibility as you age.

If you think that you’ve made quite some damage to your body till now so not feel sorry for being helpless. Researches have been proved that it is never too late to bring your body in right order and lead a healthy life. Say if you quit smoking and drinking at any age of life, start exercising, eat healthy food etc. you’ll surely be benefited by saving your body from any further harm and making it more active and healthy.¬

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