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Adams Oliver Syndrome – Rare But Devastating

This is a rare congenital disease. Adams Oliver syndrome first came to light back in 1945 and fortunately it is a somewhat rare condition. Individuals suffering from this condition will have several visible signs for example there could be things wrong with their fingers and toes or the arms and legs may not be normal. These physical signs will vary quite a bit amongst individual people.

Some will only have a mild case while others will be quite severe. In newborn infants with this condition, the scalp defects are noticeable right at birth. If the condition is really bad one might see that the bones are defected in the skull plus individuals with this disease will quite often have malformation of their hands, arms, feet and legs. These could be abnormalities such as short fingers and toes that are really noticeable or not having any hands or lower legs at all.

Along with theses, afflictions there are several other abnormalities that can be present with Adams Oliver syndrome. When it comes to treatment for this disease most of the emphasis is put on the specific symptoms that each individual person is suffering from.

It would seem that there is a high bit possibility of having congenital heart disease for those that are suffering from this condition. It is also been noticed that there is a lot of variation in the severity of the symptoms between families that are suffering or have family members suffering with it.

The major common occurrence as far as symptoms go is the variation in abnormalities and most often doesn’t occur the same on both sides. It’s the lower part of the legs that are affected as opposed to the upper. The symptoms could be very minor such as missing a toenail or can be very severe such as missing a whole limb. Other similar symptoms for Adams Oliver syndrome are webbing of the skin of the fingers and toes for example.

There have been many side effects noted to this condition such as vascular problems then there have been some reports of individual suffering from this syndrome are quite short in stature and in some extremely rare cases mental retardation has been reported as one of the side effects.

As was previously mentioned the treatment for this devastating affliction lies with treating the abnormalities that the condition causes. The purpose is to increase the quality of life by making every effort to lessen the effects of Adams Oliver syndrome and the restrictions it causes.

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