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The beauty of waterbirds in nature

There are around 10,000 living species of birds, among which waterbirds make up a considerable number. There is a diversity of waterbirds including gulls, pelican, albatross, puffin, and so on. Pelicans are widely distributed throughout the tropical and warm regions of the world. They are powerful fliers. Besides, swans are popular for its grace and beauty.


Pelicans and swans are just two waterbirds among many beautiful species. Thus, many people who have a fantastic hobby of watching birds spend time enjoying the great outdoors, gaining an appreciation for nature, and following on the track of waterbirds to capture them in nature.


The black-browed albatross is coming in for a landing on Steeple Jason in the Falkland Islands.


An Atlantic puffin with wings stretched for maximum lift


Anhinga with fish on Skidaway Island, Savannah, Georgia.


The pelican are flying out to the boat.


A gull is getting a cracker.


Blue-footed booby


A black skimmer


Bathing common tern



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