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What The Hcg Diet Plan And The National Healthcare Bill Have In Common

Supporters of the HCG diet plan say that the diet provides dramatic weight loss, which enables the dieter to continue experiencing positive results even after completing the program. One reason for such impressive results is that the HCG diet plan is often coupled with what is referred to as a very low calorie diet ?? or VLCD, of 500 calories per day.

Medical professionals typically recommend that only people with a BMI of 30 or more use VCLDs. Since such severe limitations in calories, it can cause problems for anyone not obese. However, those with a BMI over 30 are considered obese and that carries its own health risks.

Current statistics hold that 72 million American adults and 23 million American children are obese. These numbers are astounding, especially when we consider the exorbitant mental, physical and financial cost of these statistics. Obesity leads to increased incidents of type II diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, colon cancer and a number of other chronic, life-threatening illnesses.

How the HCG Diet Works

Proponents of the HCG diet believe that the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone triggers the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to burn the body’s excess fat deposits. Although more research is needed to back these claims, many who have experienced success with the diet have no doubt that it does just that. In fact, supporters of the plan believe that the diet allowed them to “sculpt” their body.

The HCG Diet and the Healthcare Bill

In addition to the hormone work happening in the body, dieters on the plan take responsibility for maintaining their limited caloric intake. Dieters are encouraged to think ahead about meals and the foods they will consume. In fact, the plan offers a cookbook with meal plans designed to help dieters stay within the recommended 500 calories per day.

Clearly, maintaining a VLCD takes some planning. It requires the dieter to think ahead about the foods they might eat. The dieter must purchase and prepare nutritious foods in advance and then stock their fridge with these foods. Having nutritious foods readily available allows the dieter to make healthier choices when they’re hungry.

Similarly, the latest version of the healthcare bill encourages personal responsibility for nutrition and exercise choices. The bill offers wellness incentives designed to help people take control of their weight and their health.

Introduction of Homeopathic HCG

American’s currently spend $ 30 billion each year on diet pills. However, homeopathic HCG was recently introduced and has been well received by dieters who are leery of prescription weight loss aids. This natural weight loss solution is available without a prescription and appeals to those interested in treating common health conditions homeopathically.

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